Monday, November 26, 2007

Making a List . . .

Checking it twice. . . goodness, I love that song. It's traditional and filled with simple childhood joys. It's everything I want my holidays to be, and everything holidays now so often are not.

My LIST right now does not consist of gifts, although I have one of those, too. The LIST that I most enjoyed putting together this weekend consists of all the activities I want to do; the type of things that sneak up on me and get swallowed up by all the little daily necessities. I want to really enjoy this month, and that takes some compulsive list-making on my part. :)

So far I have:
1) Watch the "Charlie Brown Christmas" (I always seem to miss it!)
2) Put Nat King Cole and Dean Martin Christmas music in the truck, along with Alvin and the Chipmunks! Makes all my daytime driving fly by.
3) Watch the "White House 2007" decorating special on HGTV
4) Gather supplies for gingerbread houses and gumdrop trees.
5) Make time in the next five weeks for movie nights! We don't go very often, but there are a bunch of good ones (The Golden Compass, The Water Horse, National Treasure II) coming. Oh, and Enchanted? Fabulous!
6) Take the children shopping for the angel tree at Wal-Mart, where they pick out new toys for children and teens.
7) Only pull out the decorating essentials (there are, after all, three new and quite manic kittens in the house.)
8) Take my parents to dinner at a beautiful restaurant, full of antiques, which will be decorated with at least half a dozen Christmas trees (even a Barbie tree!) Next Sunday, check!
9) Finish buying the gift cards everyone asks for and add a little something baked, so I feel like they've actually given them something . . .

Tonight starts it all! It's our annual town Christmas parade. One daughter playing in the band, one daughter marching and carrying a banner, and the youngest drinking hot chocolate with us and enjoying the dazzling lights. Our small downtown decorates their store windows beautifully, so it will be so much fun!

What's on your list? What should I add to mine, in order to make this holiday fabulous, instead of frantic?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

In Times of Plenty

Next week we'll gather with loved ones. Whether it's your special one and only or every extended relative able to drive, fly, or dog sled in, Thanksgiving is all about . . .um, giving thanks.

And if we are honest with ourselves, listing our blessings should take longer than cooking that twelve pound turkey. If we have a car to worry about filling with gas, a house to worry about heating, and health insurance premiums to worry about paying, we are blessed.

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle next week, something that improves your mind and helps others less fortunate, go to Free

I hope you all have a relaxing, fun, delicious holiday!


Of course, you are ALL winners to me, but the new Christmas release goes to . . .

Maggie R !!!!!!!!!!

Send your snail mail to, please.
Many thanks to all of you who drop by to say hello! :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Classics? We dont' need no stinkin' classics.......

It's Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story. Talbots vs. Betsey Johnson. Or even The Night Before Christmas vs. Holidays are Hell. (Kim Harrison's new release, and a title that makes me grin every time I see it.)

I adore pumpkin pie. I've tried the quick frozen variety (gag) but prefer my own, crust bought, homemade extra-spices filling. A real whipped cream on top. Or plain apple--lots of cinnamon and sugar, hold the caramel, or slices of cheese, etc.

However, my mom is talking about making a pumpkin pie with peanuts this year. We've got quite the crowd coming for Thanksgiving, and I'm sure everyone will love it. My husband, who adores peanuts, will be first in line. But I know if I'm not getting plain pumpkin pie there, then I'll have to make one at home. . . ;)

To the everlasting disdain of my fashionable daughters, I like my jeans dark, plain, and with a lovely blend of spandex. I like my sweaters thick, bulky, in muted heathers. My Eastland loafers. My white Keds.

But along side the classic twin sets and dark jeans, I have a new swing coat in purple velvet, with tarnished silver scroll buttons. It's gorgeous. I have no idea when or where I'll wear it. I just love to see it every morning, decorating my closet. And one day I'll put it on and march forth in style, leaving a trail of open mouths behind me.

So, are you a Classics gal? Or does your life have all the latest and greatest? Do you find yourself enjoying a mix of styles? And is there one special occasion (holidays, birthday cakes, evening dresses) where only one choice will do?

A randomly chosen commenter will receive a new Christmas release :)