Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pass the $10 Popcorn, Baby!

Tomorrow, the fifty-dollar movie trips begin!

Seriously, I can't wait. I was such a movie Scrooge for so long, what with a bunch of little girls running around who didn't really care about sitting and watching the movie anyway....

But no more. My babies are teens and tweens and love to go, and I've decide the joy I get out of the big screen makes it worth the moola (this month, anyway). It's part of my Christmas fun.

The Golden Compass is the second in our movie bonanza. Enchanted was our first....can I tell you how much I loved that movie??? Just sweet and fun and romantic as well. Two buttered thumbs up!

Then darling Alvin and the Chipmunks is coming..... and National Treasure II. Finally, a heroine as awesome as the hero, and a magnificent sidekick as well.

Finally, the Water Horse will open Christmas Day. We've done Christmas afternoon movies before. My most romantic Christmas ever was alone with my husband in a snow covered Nebraska town, in a deserted theater ..... yes, I love the quiet times in the holidays.

So? Fess Up! Which one is your favorite? Or am I the only one who's spending her holiday in a dark theater? :)