Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanks, Mom

Mother's Day pleasures....

Watching Phineas and Ferb with my girls...It makes me laugh every time...and they are never "snarky", sarcastic, or mean....

I haven't read more than a couple of pages here and there in over a month....Reading more than one book....again, I'm big on emphasizing humor these days, so it will be some classic, snort Coke out of my nose Stephanie Plum, and then a new (for me) cozy mystery series about a Mom who's a private detective (so appropriate, right?)

Indulgent, over-priced, coffee drinks will be involved....I'm stuck on iced Hazelnut with soy (and a shot of half-an-half once I've had a big drink and there's room in the cup). Yum.

And I will tell my Mom thank you today.  She's amazing. So is my dear, dear mother-in-law. All you "Mom's" out there, whether you have kiddos of the two or four-legged variety, or are the official "mom" to a dear child related by the heart, if not the blood, I hope you have a beautiful day.