Thursday, October 9, 2008

Write....and the World Writes with You

Whine...and you're whining alone. Ha--not really. If you feel the need to vent, I'm all ears. It's been a crazy, hectic, whirlwind of a Fall so far. In fact, I've only found the time to post this today because I'm waiting on a phone call from our physician about daughter #2--she fell at school yesterday and we think she sprained her ankle. But she's had foot issues before, so we're waiting for the "final word." (Update: A simple sprain, thank goodness!)

A month ago, after working all day, running the girls to two after school programs and then hanging out with doctors, and getting ready for another's field trip today, I wouldn't have thought about trying to squeeze in writing.

But last night, I sat down and pushed out four and a half more pages before crawling off to bed.

It's weird, but it's working for me. Candy Havens says 'Just do it. No excuses, no worries, NO EDITING. Just get it down as fast as humanly possible.'

And I thought, what the heck. I really believe that no one system works for everyone, and we each must find our own best way to get those words on the page--but I'm liking this. It kind of freeing.

Any special techniques or methods that work for you?