Friday, September 26, 2008

Butterfly Friday

Bless Robynn B today, as she undergoes a bone marrow transplant.
All our best wishes and prayers go out to her and her family, including her dear Aunt Terry Jo.

You can read more about Robynn here.


Thank heavens for the friendship of fellow romance writers as yet another support during difficult times.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Giddy Joy of Autumn

Oh, how I love, love, LOVE this time of year! Lots of birthdays, my wedding anniversary (20 years! Yes, I married when I was six. *G*) Cool weather, beautiful foliage, yummy comfort food, football games, gathering and shelling walnuts until your fingers are a beautiful brown.

Apples! Apple Cider!

Long walks through the fields and forests of my parent's farm.

Homecoming parades. Tailgate parties!

Visiting the pumpkin patch in search of that perfect jack-o-lantern.

That first fire in the fireplace. . . the first frost on the leaves.

Why do you love Fall? If autumn hasn't captured your heart, what Season brings out the best in you?