Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Little Obsession Never Hurt Anyone

I know it's time to post something new, something timely, something clever....

But I'm in revisions.

Now I've been in revisions for a while. But as I consistently keep learning things I never knew I needed to learn in order to write this book, it is taking a while. That's life, I suppose. I keep my thin thread of patience from snapping by reminding myself that the second book shouldn't---couldn't----damn well won't take as long as the first.

So I'm here. . . I'm just so busy pondering and dreaming and polishing To Seduce the Scholar (yet another twist on a title, something I will SO gladly leave to the editors when the time comes) that it's difficult for me to think of anything else.

I haven't forgotten a child yet. . . I suppose that's something.

Does anyone else wander through grocery isles while visualizing new--amazingly clever!-- chapter hooks in their head, only to leave the store (again) without the one thing they came for?
Do all writers eat the same four meals? Has your family plotted a revolt yet? Inquiring minds want to know.


Eliza said...

I am in revisions, too.
The end is (somewhat) in sight.
I only hope Agent adores.
This consumes me.

I was lucky enough to write ALL DAY yesterday. And come up with a Brand New Subplot Twist. Hooray!

Does anyone else wander through grocery isles while visualizing new--amazingly clever!-- chapter hooks in their head, only to leave the store (again) without the one thing they came for?

Uh-huh. Even if I have a list (and I usually do, because my head is so often elsewhere) I still walk past the item three times, because I forget it and have to go back. I swear, the guy who was shelving the other day thought I was checking him out.

I wasn't.

We have the same breakfast and lunch every day. It just works better that way. I stress at dinner 'cause I haven't given a single thought to it. :-)

My two-year-old has taken to asking for "noodles" every time she gets hungry. She knows I can make it easy, and we usually have a decent supply of them.

I am a Bad Mom.

But I'm a hella writer. ;-D

Gillian Layne said...

You ARE a helova-writer, Eliza! What a great reply! Hurray for your Brand New Subplot Twist!

We do noodles often. Noodles, hamburger, baked chicken, green beans. Booooorrrrring.

Tessa Dare said...

I hear you, Gillian. Meal-planning is so not my strength, and I often feel like any success I've had as a writer has been a direct result of shirking my duties as a mom. Oh, the guilt!

However - my kids are 3 and 1, so they're at the age where they're perfectly content to eat the same 4 things over and over again. I guess that's some comfort.

Good luck with your revisions! Can't wait to read it and see it in stores.

Maggie Robinson said...

I too have been revising since the new year---two things, and I really miss the fun of new stuff. My head is clogged and fogged and I'm not sure whether I'm improving things or making them worse, LOL.

Gillian Layne said...

Tessa, you don't seem the shirking type. :) And right back at ya!

Maggie, I'm thinking the foggy state must be a revisions thing. I haven't revised enough to know for sure, but I'm having a much harder time pulling myself from the story to go deal with real life now than during the first draft. Must be the level of involvement with the characters.

Or I need a Coke. :)

Renee said...

LOL Gillian. I'm trying to eat healthy all during revisions and add new recipes, all during revisions. So the two big questions around here are what happened to all the cookies and since when did we become vegetarians?

I used to shop once a week now I'm finding I have to make several return trips because I forgot the toilet paper or something else important to a household full of girls.

And the poor fish if I hadn't forgotten their food I'm sure the kids would be drooling for a change in the menu. At least my oldest dd takes care of the dog food.

Terry Stone said...

Gillian, I swear we are so alike. I seem to be thinking about my revisions all of the time.

Last night as I was dosing off, I thought of a great way to word something that bothered me in mine and up I came to change the wording. I need to keep a pen and paper near the bed for those moments.

And isn't the dreaming while grocery shopping the best thing about doing it?? I hate to do it and often find my mind wandering to my wip while performing it.

Gillian Layne said...

Renee, my girls, especially my oldest two, really do pick up the slack, making dinners and cleaning.

I've been giving some serious thought to eating healthier ,too. We're trying to not bring junk into the house. And I'm down from 3-4 Cokes a day to one, a huge feat for me.

Terry Jo, we are alike!! ;) Actually, last night I made a really conscious decision NOT to think about my story, or anything else, I needed an uninterrupted night's sleep! Only up once with the dog, so it was excellent.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Best of luck with the revisions...always my favourite part of the process!

Gillian Layne said...

Thank you, Margaret, for visiting. :)

I am enjoying my revisions, especially when I can spot the progress in character development. At the very least, it's a pleasure to see how my skills have developed over the year.

Ericka Scott said...

I love the title!!!

Gillian Layne said...

Not as much as I love your gorgeous covers, but thank you, Ericka!

Kelly Krysten said...

Hi Gillian! I used to visit you blog a lot and I'm back now finally.I so do that in the grocery store!LOL! I hope your revising goes well.

Gillian Layne said...

Hi Kelly! So glad you were able to stop by :)

Lee McKenzie said...

Gillian, good luck with your revisions!

I get around the grocery store problem by sending my husband :)
Fortunately he also likes to cook, and he's good at it. Definitely a keeper.

Alice Audrey said...

When I first moved out on my own I had a terrible time shopping. I had no money, little time, and a tiny kitchen. I was working so hard to get only those things I needed that I often came home from the grocery store with little or nothing. I had my list with me, but would talk myself out of getting the items on it as if they were luxuries. It took me a long time to loosen up.

Gillian Layne said...

Hi Lee! How are you doing? My dh is an amazing cook, but he travels often on business. He's a keeper, too :)

Alice, I went back to the store today, and I'm thinking with prices the way they are--three dollars for eggs???--that "no money" feeling is hitting all of us.