Monday, March 24, 2008


This is spring in our neck of the woods. We'll move straight from ice storm warnings to "cleaning parties", as in "Hurry up and clean the downstairs--we're under a tornado watch and we'll have all the neighbors over later."

The kids straighten. . . . I make nachos. It's good to have crunchy foods during a storm.

Has anyone spied their first flower of spring yet? Our hyacinths are blooming, and the yard smells lovely.


Kelly Krysten said...

I'm in Florida so everyday is spring/summer. I love it though. Can't imagine living somewhere where it snowed.

Marianne Harden said...

Incredible photograph, Gillian. Beautiful, wide-open view over rooftops and corn fields. Did dh take that photo? He's very good.

Lee McKenzie said...

Gillian, what an amazing photograph!

I'm lucky to live in one of the few parts of Canada where spring comes early. I even blogged about it today - complete with pictures - on the Harlequin American Romance Authors’ blog.

My photos can't hold a candle to yours, but I do what I can!

Alice Audrey said...

The snow line has moved up the hill a little, but the grass is still brown.

I'm so glad we no longer have to live with tornado season. The basements in Madison tend to be unfinished because the water table is so high. It makes for a nasty wait.

Gillian Layne said...

Hi guys!

Kelly, I'm beyond jealous. The only place in Florida I've been is Sanibel, and it was dreamy.

Hi Marianne! I can't take credit for the photo, but I can easily imagine hubby out in the middle of a storm; he loves watching them.

Lee, your blog was lovely! Those trees were beautiful. :)

We have a mix of brown and green grass now, Alice. It's pretty obvious where the dog and kids have run the grass bare.

Maggie Robinson said...

I saw my first robin yesterday. We still have piles and piles of brown snow, and more is due tomorrow. Grr.

Marnee Jo said...

Gillian, what a cool picture!

Tornadoes, huh? I saw one of those once and that's enough for me.

We're starting to get some decent weather and none too soon. I was getting really sick of the cold/gray.

Gillian Layne said...

Maggie, if you're seeing robins, spring must be close! (hope, hope...)

Marnee Jo, thanks so much for stopping by! I'm sick of cold too, and sick of everyone HAVING colds...bring on the warm weather!

Oh dear, that means I need to get a bit of color on these neon white legs , doesn't it?? ;)

Terry Stone said...

Gillian, it was actually warm enough for the kids and I to get out and enjoy a walk this evening and I spotted some small yellow flowers budding by the road. Yay! I am ready, ready, ready for spring.

You know, my daughter has an irrational fear of tornados-not sure why because we have never had them here, but fear them she does. I don't envy you those, at all, although I do enjoy a good storm, for some reason I find them soothing.

Gillian Layne said...

Terry Jo, hi! Your walk sounds so nice. I'm glad you don't get many tornadoes.

My husband likes storms, too.

Marnee Jo said...

Gillian - We won't even talk about my lack of color. I think I might glow in the dark right now. :)

Alice Audrey said...

I've given up on tanning. So what if my legs are neon-white. I'll just cover them up.