Friday, October 23, 2009

Value the Work

Hi all! I have been, as I read in a Jennifer Cruise blog post once, "protecting the work." For me, that has meant a serious reduction in internet time.

However, I just had to throw in my two cents concerning the price slashing between Wal-Mart and Amazon...and whoever else has jumped into the fray....

I don't understand or care about the legal ramifications. I do care if authors and publishers aren't getting their fair share. So please join me in letting your favorite authors know how much you value and appreciate their work. Can you afford to buy the hardcover and not wait for the paperback? Can you stop by the store on a Tuesday and buy that new mass market release the day it's released, and not a month later? Can you skip a coffee or two and buy two books? Can you give books for presents this holiday season?

We spent money on Halloween costumes, candy, pumpkins, cotton candy at the fairs, two dollars for a pack of gum, almost six dollars now for a value meal at a fast food drive through.

Please. We can afford full price for someone's vision and talent brought to life in the pages of a book that we can share with friends or eventually pass down to our children.

Hope this finds you well, and reading. :)


Kate Sheeran said...

THANK YOU for this. I'm shocked at how many aspiring authors I know are gobbling up books on Wal Mart right now! Don't they know what that implies?? Wal Mart in charge of book sales...doomed debuts...doomed!

A very nice post, and nice to see you writing :)

Gillian Layne said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Alice Audrey said...

Sorry it took me so long to get over here. You forgot to put your link in your sig line, so it had to wait until I got over to Bloglines to find you again.

I often wish I could support writers and other artists directly, with cash straight to their hand, rather than watch it go through so many other hands first. Not that editors don't deserve their cut or that stock boys aren't important, but when my dollars turn into the author's pennies, I'm not too happy.

Gillian Layne said...

I think it's a matter of acknowledging that book-writing, editing, producing, is an art form.
Everyone involved deserves to have their contribution acknowledged and be able to profit.

Think of what we pay for a dinner out, for heaven's sake!

Thanks for dropping by, Alice.

Amy J said...

Very well said! I love buying books! Someday I hope to have enough courage to write my own book, but until then I am proud to say I support other authors in purchasing books! I have not bought any clothes, etc. in over a year, but I buy a new book everyday!