Monday, July 26, 2010

I'd Like to Thank...Everyone!

I'll be in Orlando this week at the Romance Writers of America national conference. My manuscript, To Seduce A Proper Rogue, is a finalist in the Golden Heart contest, along with a bevy of other amazing finalists. Seriously, I cannot wait for these ladies' books to hit the shelves. So much genius out there!

At some point last week someone asked me what my acceptance speech would include, and I felt the same shock that coursed through my veins when that initial call came in March. The final awards ceremony has been the last thing on my mind. I literally forgot about the fact that someone will win that necklace. I've just been concentrating on all I will learn and everyone I want to meet.

That said, I suppose I'd better put a few words together, just in case. It's a scary prospect. There won't begin to be enough time to thank everyone who's been there for me along the way. From the Avon Fanlit gang to my teachers to the authors who've provided encouragement and guidance, there are just too many. I do know I wouldn't be able to continue along this path without the love and support of my husband, kids, family and my critique partner, Terry Jo Stone.

So whatever happens next Saturday night, if we've ever exchanged an email or blog post, if we've ever chatted on-line or at the conference in Dallas, and you're here and reading this--Thank You!


Terry Stone said...

You had best get that speech wrote, Gillian, you're going to need it, I'm convinced of it.

Good luck, my dear friend, I'll have all my fingers and toes crossed for you!

And don't forget to just have fun.

Brynna said...

HUGE good luck wishes! We at the Roundtable don't just cross our fingers--we pretzel! Consider MANY pretzels coming your way, Gillian! Can't wait to hear the GREAT news!


MaryC said...

Good luck, Gillian! I'll be following the tweets on Saturday night and waiting to hear. I hope you have a wonderful conference!

Lee McKenzie said...

Gillian, I can't be there but I'll be cheering from afar. Till Saturday night I'm right there with you...on pins and needles!

Gillian Layne said...

Ladies, what a wonderful week! Blessings on all of you for your support.