Thursday, January 20, 2011

Need a Stocking Cap, Crave a Bonnet

(All right, she's adorable.)
Baby, it's cold outside. Common sense dictates something stretchy, thick, and hair-flattening (or static-inducing). Flattering, they're not.   

(It's eleven degrees outside. Sensible!)

Or maybe this clever little number.

 But the heart wants what the heart wants, and today I'm in the mood for one of these:

(Absolutely lovely)
 Or maybe even this:

(Be still, my romance-loving heart...)

Spring, where art thou?


Donnell said...

Oh, my I love those hats. And not the static-causing ones either. Beautiful selection. Now, where to wear them, Gillian. You go first!



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Gillian Layne said...

I think they would be perfect at the next conference, Donnell! ;)

Thanks for stopping by, Barb. Always nice to meet a fellow writer.

SavannahGranny said...

Love the hats. The last one reminds me of Easter. You are so right, hurry,hurry spring. Hugs, Ginger

MaryC said...

Such lovely hats. Alas, hats never sit well on my head. :(

My students are all sporting these adorable knit animal hats.

Gillian Layne said...

Don't you just love Easter hats?

Mary, those are darling!

Glynis said...

Glorious bonnets! I wonder if my MC, Kitty trimmed them. ;0 LOL

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Oh the last one please.

Who could feel cold with that glorious hat on their head?

Jillian Kent said...

I like that second one best, Gillian. The one with a hint of orange in it. I might have to place that on one of my heroine's heads. Lovely. Just lovely.

Gillian Layne said...

Hi Glynis! Wouldn't it be funny if she did? ;)

Sharon, I totally agree. Thanks for stopping by!

Jillian, that hat just screams 'heroine', doesn't it? It's so gorgeous. Thanks for visiting, and can't wait for your book release. :)

Ann@StylishOnceAgain said...

Thanks for stopping by Gillian. I am totally with you on that spring thing. I am also from Kansas (Olathe) and tired of the snow. You have a beautiful blog.

Gillian Layne said...

Ann, oh Ann. I have a feeling 48 hours from now we're going to be more sick of the snow than ever! :) Thanks for stopping by!