Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Normal Sex Life

As I stated in the last blog, these volumes provide a plethora of information, all of which provides excellent fodder for discussion and insight into another period's mindset. However, I picked this small chapter from Volume 7 of 10, Sexual Diseases and Abnormalities of Adult Life.

Chapter Thirteen is titled The Normal Sex Life. After much of what the doctor said, I was looking forward to his definition, and a little surprised by his conclusions. I had really assumed he would say something to the effect of "When the man decided he needs another baby and to satisfy is natural instincts," etc. I was wrong.

The good doctor went back to "primitive forms of life, and this includes early man" and found there was one rule of consistent sexual behavior: "the leadership of the female in the sexual relationship." He goes on to lay this necessity at the feet of animals in heat, and a woman's instincts concerning the right time to reproduce. He felt really strongly about this, as he put the Entire last paragraph in CAPS: (I'll spare you)

"The rule briefly stated is simply this: The husband is always to be receptive to the sexual desires of the wife and always ready to gratify her requests for love. The time, frequency, and variety of the sex life is to depend entirely upon the instinctive feelings of the wife. In other words, she is to take the initiative in all the love life, leaving only the one responsibility to the husband, and that is, satisfying her desires. It is realized that this is a rather revolutionary programme, but it is based on sound biological principles and should produce a happy life."

A happy life, indeed. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'm off to a family reunion, and because my mom has eleven brothers and sisters, it will be a dozy. People are flying in from as far as Japan and Dubai, and are as close as the next town. It will be fun, I think (hope).


Maggie Robinson said...

Well, it's obvious we have to put the doctor's words on a bumper sticker or something. :) Have fun with your family!

Terry Stone said...

Gillian, what great little books you found and what a wise wise man that good doctor must have been. Hope you are enjoying your family time.

Gillian said...

Hi Maggie and Terry! Thanks for stopping by. My family time was fun, and really illuminating. It's hard to believe so many children with so different personalities grew up in one house.

beverley said...

I really like this doctor. He seems a very wise man. So when the husband is grumbling about not getting enough, we can just point to this book, or the dishes in the sink, the laundry to be done, the kids to be tended and the other zillion things we women do. Have fun!!!

Ericka Scott said...

Hope you had a nice time at the reunion! Our family hasn't had one in years...I, personally, miss all the different foods. My aunt's fake cherry cheesecake, my cousin's baked potato casserole, and wow, I'm making myself hungry!

I like this text...putting us in charge of sex...for once, a man got it right!

Alice Audrey said...

What? You mean I have to do the work THERE too? At least the husband is supposed to be receptive, but what if I want to be seduced?

Gillian said...

Hi Beverley! A 'zillion' sounds about right :)

Thanks, Ericka- you make me hungry, too.

Alice--a woman's work is never done. Leave him a note, perhaps?? :)

Ashley said...

LOL!! This guy is great- at least, as a comedian. I wonder if his published works were well received?! He seems very ahead of the times, doesn't he?