Sunday, August 12, 2007

Something to Crow About

This Sunday my rooster is waking up a four state area . . .

We have a Ticket to Write finalist in Passion Slaves--- Erin McClune.


Two MOLLY finalists:
Marianne Harden (Scarlett to you fanlitters) and
Pamela Bolton-Holifield (aka doglady).

It couldn't happen to three nicer or more talented ladies!


Marianne Harden said...

What a sweet note of congratulations, Gillian. Thank you. It is, indeed, a special treat to have finaled in The Molly for the historical genre.

The best part is my company: Pam Bolton-Holifield and Kim Price (aka Kimberly Killion). Two astounding writers. I'm so not in their league, but I'm grateful to be the thorn between their two roses.

Marianne (Scarlett)

doglady said...

I concur,Gillian! Thank you so much for the sweet and generous congrats! We all know that Lost in Love would not be enjoying any of this success without the critiquing goddesses of Passion's Slaves - Gillian, Erin, Terry Jo and Marianne. Being in the finals is that much sweeter because Marianne is in there with me, chewing her nails off until October!! And as far as I am concerned, I am the refrigerator finger painting sitting between two Rembrandts and just happy to be there!!

India Carolina said...

Oh, Yay! The Molly's for Pam and Marianne! Awesome, ladies! And Ticket to Write for Pam and Erin. Congratulations! Erin, I don't know you, but you hang with a fabulous crowd, so you must be fabulous too.

Amy... er I mean India

ERiCA said...

Congratulations to the finalists!! =)

Tessa Dare said...

Congrats to you all! How wonderful. Best of luck!

beverley said...

Gillian so nice of you to congrat the finalists. Congratulations ladies. Job well done!