Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Good Stuff!

Maybe this is what January is all about--enthusiasm and fresh beginnings!

Anyway, I found another site that is definitely worth your time. If I had a smidgen of computer talent, I'd know how to post one of those button things that link you--but I don't.

No problem!

You all know Romantic Inks. Of course you do. What, you don't? Never fear, just click on the link under my "Favorite Group Blogs" and hie thee over there. (My favorites are my favorites for a reason! :) )

Then read at your leisure, revel in all the awesome advice and interviews, and bid on some amazing prizes! The prize money is sending some lucky deserving writer to Nationals this year. (And it's San Fransisco, folks. They'll need all the moola they can get.) It's a win-win!

Let me know what treasures you claim as your own....


Maggie Robinson said...

Gillian, now YOU'RE really fab! :)
Thanks for spreading the word!

Haven Rich said...

Thank you for posting about this Gillian!

You're right, it's a wonderful cause!!

I'll be posting more information this week, so stay tuned!

Renee Lynn Scott said...

Gillian thanks!

Alice Audrey said...

Good link Gillian. Thanks!

Alice Audrey said...

Tag! You're next!