Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Most Unlikely Places

I've been tagged. And considering my small town, Midwest lifestyle, Alice can't even begin to touch the word "uninteresting". However, if she can take liberties with the process then so will I.

See me smiling and happy next to the incomparable Jo Beverley?

It's not (just) because of her book. It's because she made a positive impact on the health of my middle daughter. I owe her, big time, and it was a joy to be able to say "Thank you" in person.

This is the link that will take you to her 2003 New York RWA luncheon speech. It's one of the best speeches I've ever read.

It begins with an admonition to go get your Ferritin levels checked. Not blood iron levels--Ferritin. It's the iron reserves your body stores. If you're low, life is NOT GOOD. And doctors may pass this by. Do not let them!

My darling daughter, a young teenager in fact, was in the NEGATIVE numbers when I requested the doctors check her. Negative! And I would never have known precisely what to ask for if I hadn't read this speech.

Now this health alert was simply a segway into an amazingly motivational speech that all writers should read. I appreciate her passion for the profession, and her generosity of spirit towards all those just starting out.

But the ferritin info impacted me immediately, personally, and that's what I'll always remember.

Ok, this hardly fits the "tagged" guidelines, but it works in nicely with the "up with romance" theme I have going this month :) If you're reading and you're willing, consider yourself tagged!

And hey--what's the best piece of info you've found in a most unlikely place?


Jo B said...

Hi Gillian,

you did e-mail me, but thanks again for the thanks. The ferritin issue is a crusade of mine and the more exposure it gets, the better for all women.

I'd add here that any woman with panic attacks, agoraphobia and such should get her ferritin checked before trying any drugs or therapy. It could be that simple.



Gillian Layne said...

Thank you so much for stopping by!

You picked a good crusade. Mine in thyroid levels. A doctor wanted to prescribe me anti-depressants--over the phone! because I called and said I was really tired and thought my hair was falling out.

I punted him and found another doctor who actually took the time to look me over. It was my thyroid levels.

Health care is too expensive not to demand excellent service.

Alice Audrey said...

I can't even get mine to do a basic diabetes test on me, and she claims to be interested.

Is THIS your 7-facts?

Jo B said...

Alice, if you're having symptoms of diabetes she should definitely do the blood test. But I assume you're not showing sugar in urine.

If I were you, I'd eat a very high sugar something just before going in for a checkup. If you're still not spilling after a slice of pecan pie or whatever, that's probably not the problem.


Gillian Layne said...

Um...yup. Not much else worth knowing that's fit for public consumption :)

Alice Audrey said...

Gillian, I'm just razzing you.

Jo Bev, diabetes runs in my family and I am now at that age, and I had symptomless gestational diabetes. I wanted the test to be on the safe side.

Gillian Layne said...

Jo, I'd never thought about approaching the test like that, but it makes sense.

Alice, I'm sorry you're having trouble getting such action from your doctor, especially since all the magazines push for all of us to be so proactive concerning our health. And with your history as well...

My mom is diagnosed diabetic, and hers was a fluke, found when she went in with strep throat.

Maggie Robinson said...

My health is okay, knock wood---but I had to comment how cute you both look! And Jo Beverley is a heroine to me too---for her writing alone.