Monday, June 30, 2008

Conference Month!

Hey, it's RWA National Conference month over at the Wet Noodle Posse. Follow my link directly to your left for some first hand, first rate, been-there, done-that advice from some really wonderful and generous writers.

I thought Dallas was amazing. I learned so much by just listening to everyone around me, fellow unpublished to fan-girl worthy pros. One of my favorite moments was sharing an elevator ride with Teresa Medeiros. She is the sweetest person ever!

I'm not going this year--ah, the economy has struck again!--but I know a bunch of you are! Very excited? Pitches polished? Comfy shoes shined? Seat at the bar already reserved? :)

Seasoned veterans, what's your favorite thing about Nationals? Newbies, what are you looking forward to the most? Any good stories of your own to pass along?


Kelly Krysten said...

I'm not going until next year but I have to say I'm really looking forward to it! It'll be great to meet all of my online 'friends'.

Gillian Layne said...

Good morning, Kelly!

It's worth every penny, IMHO. I don't care if you've only written three chapters or six novels, there is so much out there for every level of writer. And the general atmosphere of understanding is so wonderful!

terrio said...

I can't believe it's only a month away. Four SHORT weeks. LOL! Can you tell I'm a little excited?

This is my first Nationals. I'm not pitching which is why I can think about and not want to toss my lunch. I wish you were going too, Gillian. I'm almost more excited to get to meet all my online friends than anything else. But getting to attend workshops by both Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips will be enough to send me right over the edge.

The pinnacle is going to be the awards ceremony. I have a cute new dress (nothing too fancy) and lots of friends to cheer on to victory. I can't wait!

Gillian Layne said...

Terrio, I attended a workshop by Susan E. Phillips last year. She makes everyone feel so good about themselves, you walk out believing you can write a best seller! :)

You want a comfortable dress for the awards. They put the chairs right next to each other and you get very cozy with the people next to you, but you won't care. The awards themselves about put me in tears, everyone is so happy.

Thanks for coming by! :)

terrio said...

I purposely bought a dress made out of t-shirt like material so a) it won't be wrinkled when I get there and b) I'd be comfortable. But it's a cute style and can be fancied up with a little extra jewelry. Plus, I'll wear it again to my company holiday party at the end of the year. Two for one, can't beat that! LOL!

Louisa Cornell said...

I am excited and nervous about this, my first, Nationals! I am trying to keep track of all of the things I want to do and all of the things I have to attend in a little notebook so I will be somewhat organized. I have a gorgeous midnight blue evening gown for the awards nite. It is so dark it is practically purple and it actually looks good on me. LOL

The best part will be, I think, getting to meet so many of the people I know online. I am so disappointed that you won't be there, Gillian! Next year, for sure. Right? I DO have a lunch date on Saturday with Anna Campbell! I am so excited I just can't tell you!

The prospect of pitching to an editor AND an agent makes my head spin and my stomach queasy! EEEEK

Gillian Layne said...

I hope you take a bunch of pictures! That's my biggest regret--I somehow thought I took more, but I really didn't take very many!

I do hope we can connect next year as well. :) And lunch with Anna--sqeeeeee!

Terrio, your dress sounds great as well! I'm all about comfort.

Esri Rose said...

You're not going to be there? Bummer! I was looking forward to meeting you!

skirbo said...

Ya know, by the time I can finally attend a convention, most of you will have forgotten who I am. Stupid poverty. lol

Have fun guys!


Gillian Layne said...

Awww, Esri, thanks! I hate missing too.

Sarah, no one is going to forget you! :) Yeah, these economic times, they are challenging! I'm looking forward to the Nationals in Nashville--much closer to home!

terrio said...

No worries, Sarah. In a couple of years, my fun money runs out and I have no idea if I'll be able to go to anymore of these things. So you can just take my place in all the festivities. LOL!

Gillian - I'm really looking forward to Nashville too. I used to live there and I worked at the Opryland Hotel. Well, at the theme park really but that's not there anymore. I never got to actually stay in the hotel and if you've never seen it, I can tell you the Opryland Hotel is a trip in and of itself!

Gillian Layne said...

Terrio, I'm so glad to hear that! We were planning on me flying out by myself to attend all the conference functions, then hubby and girls to drive out and extend the vacation by a few days and then all of us drive home.

I thought that hotel looked amazing; I'm thrilled to hear it!

terrio said...

Gillian - you won't believe it. You'll be standing in it and still not believe it. I can't even describe the three atriums. But one has full scale buildings with shops and restaurants and a waterway winding through it where you can ride in a gondola type boat. And it's all inside under glass. With rooms overlooking it.

Again, you just won't believe it.

Lee McKenzie said...

Gillian, I'm so disappointed to hear you won't be in San Francisco. I was really looking forward to meeting you! Maybe next year.

Gillian Layne said...

I'm really sorry I won't be there to meet you, as well. But I'm keeping good thoughts for next year! :)