Monday, July 21, 2008

The Joys of Home-bound Nationals

We'll soon be waving a fond farewell to those making their way to San Fransisco . . . .

I think we're all pretty familiar with why the RWA national conference is so wonderful. The people you meet, the variety of workshops, the connection with others who totally get you and your writing . . . it's an experience not to be missed.

But sometimes life gets in the way. If you're staying home this year, there are some pretty great things happening on-line to keep your muse satisfied and eager to help you stay excited about that WIP.

Paperback Writer is hosting a week-long Left Behind and Loving It , a series of virtual workshops for those of us keeping the home fires burning. (Or the AC blasting. . .) And the Romance Divas are hosting a Not Going to Conference Conference from July 30th to August 2nd. Such a wealth of information at your fingertips, and all available after a simple registration! It's also great fun to visit familiar personal blogs and read everyone's updates on what's happening during the conference, and the posts that follow for weeks after.

August always feels so much more like the beginning of a New Year than January for us, with three children in school and my own day job in the school system. Let's embrace the energy of Nationals and make August the beginning of a new enthusiasm for our writing as well.

Already packed and ready to take on San Francisco? Staying home and celebrating the joys of a profession that can be carried out in pajamas? How are you recharging your writing right now?


Colleen Thompson said...

Great suggestions! I'm going to SF this year, but these are certainly more affordable options - and they sound terrific.

Thanks for sharing!

skirbo said...

Thanks for those great suggestions! Finances keep me from going anywhere, not just to Nationals. Same as last year. I'm so bad in person, I don't know that I'll go to conferences much even when I can afford to! :D

Good luck with your school year! I'm still not getting a conventional experience, having adopted a 16 year old. Because she is two years behind (long term system kid, since she was four in fact) I have actually enrolled her in an adult high school program where she goes four days a week, at night, and works at her own pace. She's eager to get caught up and can't do that in the regular school system.

Half of one school year (last year) dealing with public schools was quite enough for me, thank you very much.


Gillian Layne said...

Hi ladies! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Colleen, I hope you have a wonderful time and then come home and blog all about it! I've learned a great deal from your Boxing the Octopus blog and really enjoy your guests as well.

Sarah, a lifetime isn't long enough to figure out kids or the public school system. I think all the alternatives available to the young people now are wonderful. I agree, the regular public school system isn't for everyone.

Terry Stone said...

I will be staying at home also, Gillian, so your sites are just what I needed. Thanks for doing the detective work and finding them for us poor SAHs. ;0)

Kelly Krysten said...

I'm reveling in the fact that I'm in a profession that happens in my Oh, and thanks for the links! It's good to know I can put my time to some good use.

Gillian Layne said...

Terry Jo! Yeah, I'll be digging through those sites next week. Isn't it so great that we are involved in such a giving profession? All of that knowledge and experience, just there for the taking. I hope someday to pass along whatever I've learned as thanks.

Hi Kelly! Gotta love those jammies, don't you? I think writers should be able to write them off as necessary supplies . . . ;)

terrio said...

I'll be in San Fran, but these other options are wonderful. With the shingig being on the far coast (for us East Coasters) it's nice to know there's something available for everyone.

I'll be sending back reports to the pirate ship and do you mind if I point out these links in my pre-con blog next week? I promise to give you credit. :)

Gillian Layne said...

Terrio, I hope you have the best time EVER in San Fransisco, and am thrilled that you'll be reporting your experiences!

Feel free to mention all you like. The blogs going to all the trouble of putting on the workshops should get the credit! :)

terrio said...

Thanks! And you're such a sweetheart, I'll credit you too. :)

Maggie Robinson said...

I'll be home, too. And I must remember to send my RWA membership renewal check...I finally joined last year when I was down in the dumps about not being in Dallas and left out, LOL. Still home, but not down in the dumps! Thanks for the links. I'm really hoping to finish up the first draft of my current ms while everyone else is having Margaritas, pitching and bonding. We'll see!

Gillian Layne said...

Hi Maggie!

I keep making bits of changes, but I hope to finish up soon as well. Somehow I'm not too fussed about missing this year, except for the Gala--I would LOVE to be there to cheer everyone on.

The margaritas sound great, though. Best of luck wrapping up the WIP! :)

Lee McKenzie said...

LOL, Gillian! You had to mention packing ;)

I am the World's Worst Packer, which is actually today's topic on my blog!

Thanks for suggesting the virtual workshops. I posted the links on my chapter loop and I'm sure many will want to join in.

Gillian Layne said...

Lee, I hope the links will be of use to someone! I thought they looked pretty great, too.

I hope you have a fabulous time!:)

Bonnie Vanak said...

Good suggestions Gillian. Thanks.

I'm home this year, sob, first time in two years I've missed the conference, but have too much else going on.

Instead, I'm celebrating finishing the historical due this week, reading about the excavation of King Tut's tomb to write a new proposal, celebrating the new cover for my next Nocturne (I love it, it's very sexy) and my new Nocturne contract.

And trying to figure out how I can write a book in two months after I get done with the historical proposal.

I hope all goes well with the beginning of school for you and your kids!

Gillian Layne said...

Hi Bonnie--I just rolled in from a family vacation last night.

Your list makes me tired just looking at it--but hurray, more books for me! ;)

Alice Audrey said...

I'm still here, rather than at confrence. Sigh. Oh well. I have high hopes for next year.

I know what you mean about August feeling more like a new year than New Years. Everything is different once the kids are back in school.

Gillian Layne said...

Is it blasphemy that I envy those in San Fransisco their cool temps more than the conference??? ;)

Goodness, it's hot here right now....