Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Red Pens

On Thursday, April 1st (only now as I type that date does it give me pause...), Emily Bryan will critique the first two pages of my second manuscript, To Tempt A Wicked Kiss.  She's been doing these public Red Pencil Thursday critiques for a couple of weeks, and I'm honored and grateful she's taken the time to look over my work. I'm also looking forward to any comments her readers would care to share. Like "I don't understand." Or "Hey, you used the word 'rather' seven times!" Or "I don't understand."

I rather hope my future readers understand my story. :)

Emily Bryan has penned a wealth of Regency works.I love Vexing the Viscount, but I might have a new favorite once Stroke of Genius hits the stands May 25. (And my day job in the schools will just be wrapping up. A coincidence? I think not.) She's also posted a sexy, free novella on her website-A Duke For All Seasons--go catch up here.   The link to her blog has been on my sidebar for a while now. Emily's a font of information concerning all things Regency, Georgian, and romance writing, and generously shares that knowledge with all of us. So if you have a moment, please stop by!

Love critiques? Hate them? What about the benefits of an anonymous judge's opinion vs a treasured critique partner?


EmilyBryan said...

We're having a great time with your online critique, Gilllian! Thanks again for letting me take the red pencil to your work.

Deb said...

Emily did a nice job on the critique, but, Gillian, your writing is wonderful! I am looking forward to your books!

Gillian Layne said...

Emily, the pleasure was all mine!

Deb, that is the sweetest thing to say. You've made my day--week! :)

Lee McKenzie said...

Gillian, I am still so excited about the prospects for you and this manuscript. This book definitely needs a cover!

Gillian Layne said...

Thank you, Lee! Can't wait for your next release. :)

Renee said...

Gillian, what an awesome experience. I'm really itching to read the rest.

I'm terrified of critiques. I really am. But Emily did a fantastic job, of course it is easy when the piece is written well.

Gillian Layne said...

Renee, I've been sliced and diced in various contests over the years. I believe that if you are going to enter contests, enter a lot of them, so you can look for some kind of trend in the comments. In the end, it's your work, and you know it best.

Thanks for stopping by. :)