Thursday, November 3, 2011

NANO Day Two: Motivation!

Day two count: 1346   Total: 2303

 So, in between spitting out a few paragraphs and wondering where my secondary characters are guiding my heroine, I love to procrastinate by reading author advice. Love it! Romance writers love to offer writing guidance, support, mentoring, encouragement. They are one generous bunch!

 Julie Leto, NYT and USA bestselling author, has a rockin' website, which nicely complements her rockin' books. Under the heading "Articles and More", she has a reprint of her 2003 RWA National Conference workshop:  Ditching "The Book of Your Heart" for "The Book of My Voice".

Wow and wow. This article gave me so much to think about, in the best possible way. Most importantly, after I read it I was fired up and ready to attack the Nano again!

Motivation is a good thing. :)

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